Custom plastic lab furniture & equipment fabrication

For more than forty years, Plastic Design has been a trusted provider of customized furniture solutions for companies in a wide range of industries. As a leading manufacturer of lab furniture, our products deliver in both functionality and quality. 

Available Products

We offer a wide assortment of lab furniture and equipment to meet the needs of almost any application or setting. Some of our most popular pieces of laboratory furniture include:

Storage cabinets – Built for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications, these storage cabinets can be built in any size or shape and configured as needed to maximize storage space. They are currently available in plastic or stainless steel. 

Specialty tables – Our specialty tables are custom designed to optimize productivity and fit specific work space requirements. 

Drinking water cabinets – These self-contained units store drinking water cooling units and related supplies to keep employees happy with an easy-to-use water station.

Dryboxes and desiccators – Made from a variety of materials, our dryboxes and desiccators protect sensitive materials from being contaminated or compromised by moisture, particulate contaminants, or humidity. 

Fixtures and devices – We fabricate custom supplies to maximize accuracy and safety in laboratory experiments. 

Garment-dispensing centers and gowning cabinets – Our garment-dispensing and gowning cabinets are specifically designed as a functional and space-saving solution for the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. They can be used to distribute a wide range of garments, including gloves, masks, booties, safety glasses, and full gowns. 

Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) – We build custom manufacturing systems for customers based on their application’s unique equipment needs. 

Pass-throughs – Ideal for pharmaceutical and biomedical researchers, these chambers allow users to pass materials from the workspace into another space, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. With several customizable features available, our pass-throughs can be used in nearly any setting.


We specialize in acrylic (Plexiglass) and polycarbonate fabrications, but all of our products can be made with a number of different materials, enabling us to customize our furniture and equipment for almost any environment. We use these materials are in a variety of forms such as sheets, cast rods, extruded rods, welding rods, and tubes, all of which we can assemble into your ideal product. 

Examples of our Work

Why Plastic Design

All of our products can be customized as needed to meet your application’s demands. For example, our storage pieces can be produced with N2 purge of HEPA filtration to maximize cleanliness in your storage piece. Similarly, our dryboxes and desiccators come with UV-blocking options and can be made with fire-retardant materials.

Plastic Design has manufactured equipment for the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries for more than four decades. Guided by a lasting commitment to quality, we pride ourselves on our experience, expertise, and versatility. Further backed by a number of industry certifications, including I.P.C.A. 620 certification, we can provide a durable and innovative solution to any challenge you might face.

If you’re looking for custom plastic lab furniture and equipment fabrication from a trusted lab furniture manufacturer, look no further than Plastic Designs. To learn more, request a quote, or contact us today.

Storage Equipment & Laboratory Furniture Capabilities:

Storage Equipment & Laboratory Furniture
Custom Drybox & Desiccators
Polypropylene Case Work
Custom Laboratory Supplies
Gowning Cabinets
Storage Cabinets
Acid Storage Cabinets
Portable Drinking Water Cabinets
Polypropylene Tables and Benches
Garment Dispensing
Slope-Front Fume Hoods
Transport Carts
Specialty Tables
OEM Manufacturing
Preserve Moisture Sensitive Material
Particulate Contaminant Free
Humidity Free
Radiation Blocking Option
Nitrogen/CDA Feed Point
Plenum Manifold
Automatic Pressure Purge
Sealed Doors
Laboratory Supplies
Splash Guard
Chemical Filling Station
Storage Cabinet Types
Free Standing
Wall Mounted
Exhaust and Containment
N2 Purge
HEPA Filtration
Drying Cabinets
Hood Types
Sliding Sash
Angled Open Front
Fully Isolated
Table Top
Stand Alone
Fully Exhausted Base Cabinets
Bench Top
Vertical Laminar Flow
Hood Components
Speed Controlled Blower
Explosion Proof
Class I Div. I
Transport Carts
Acid & Solvent Delivery
Clean Room Compliant (Class I)
1 & 5 gallon
Bulk Carts
On Board Pumping Systems
Table Options
Multi Levels
Moving Sections
Integrated Storage
Pass-Through Options
Interlocking Door Systems
Fire Suppression Capability
Pressurized Environment
Wash Down Features with Drainage
Sheet (Skived)
Rod (Extruded & Molded)
Tubing (Rigid & Flexible)
Extruded Rod
Welding Rod
Miscellaneous Shape
Clear Acrylic
UV Shielding Amber Acrylic
Static Dissipative
Fire Retardant
Stainless Steel
Acetal (Delrin)
Lexan (Polycarbonate)
Polyethylene (PE)
Polypropylene (PP)
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
PVDF (Kynar-Kytec)
Flame Polish (Acrylic)
DI Water
Heated Surfactant
Quality Control
Additional Services
Computer Aided Design
On-Site Support (Welding)
Production Volume
One-Off Prototype to Full Production Runs
Typical Lead Time
3 to 4 weeks
Dependent on Material Availability

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Products
Clean Room Equipment
Storage Equipment
Wet Process and Semiconductor Equipment
Recreational & Marine Products
Industry Standards
Factory Mutual
USP Class 6 Certification
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