The life sciences industry depends on top-quality lab equipment to facilitate critical research applications. At Plastic Design, Inc., we support the life sciences sector by providing innovative, custom-engineered solutions. Our expert staff, high-caliber equipment, and advanced capabilities make us a trusted partner for all of your custom plastic fabrication needs within laboratory and biomedical facilities. Whether you require fume hoods, hazardous waste handling systems, or animal research products, we have the necessary skills to provide the life science tools you need.

The Importance of Life Science Laboratory Equipment

Life science instruments and equipment are uniquely designed to support highly specialized healthcare applications, such as:

  • Aiding in research
  • Developing life-saving medicines
  • Diagnosing illnesses

The critical nature of these applications necessitates highly complex, sensitive equipment. For this reason, it’s important to partner with an expert who can deliver superior-quality laboratory equipment with precision care and handling. Depending on your unique needs, Plastic Design, Inc. can work with you to develop a solution that offers improved performance while meeting all relevant regulatory requirements.

Life Sciences Products

Plastic Design, Inc. can design and fabricate the following products for customers in the life sciences industry:

Animal Research Products

We can create fully customizable animal housings that meet the needs of nearly any testing environment without sacrificing the health and comfort of test subjects. In addition to ensuring each housing provides ample space for the animal to grow, we also consider the following criteria to ensure we design an optimal solution:

  • Noise and vibration
  • Ventilation and air quality
  • Proper illumination
  • Humidity and temperature

Additionally, our animal research habitats can digitally track various factors, allowing researchers to remotely monitor testing conditions from any location.

Hazardous Waste Handling Systems

For over three decades, Plastic Design, Inc. has designed and fabricated quality hazardous waste handling systems to support the life sciences industry. We’ll carefully consider your particular containment and exhaust needs to develop a solution that aligns with your application requirements. Each hazardous waste handling system is highly engineered and carefully tested to ensure easy operation and optimal safety.

Fume Hoods

We specialize in developing custom fume hoods for clean room, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and other life science applications. Each fume hood is carefully designed to meet all necessary standards and undergoes rigorous quality assurance and safety testing to ensure it can effectively protect personnel from hazardous materials without sacrificing performance. We can produce fume hoods with the following hood designs:

  • Table top
  • Laminar flow hood
  • Straight front fume hood
  • Sloped sash fume hood
  • Specialty/custom hoods

Bio/Pharma/Semi Suite Products

In addition to the abovementioned equipment, Plastic Design, Inc. can provide a wide range of bio, pharma, and semi suite products, such as:

  • Bag dispensers
  • Bootie dispensers
  • Gowning dispensing cabinets
  • Laundry bins
  • Shoe cubbies
  • Texwipe dispensers
  • Transport carts and dollies

We can also offer:

Garment Dispensing Centers

Plastic Design, Inc. can design garment dispensing centers to meet the unique requirements of pharmaceutical and biomedical research applications. To manufacture these products, we use materials such as white polypropylene or Factory Mutual (FM) compliant CP7D white polypropylene. Each garment dispensing center is designed to discreetly fit into gowning areas without taking up too much floor space.

Gowning/Storage Cabinets

Our fabrication capabilities allow us to offer gowning and storage cabinets for use in biomedical and pharmaceutical research environments. Constructed from plastic or stainless steel, our cabinets can be produced in nearly any size or shape and in either wall-mounted or free-standing configurations.

Choose Life Science Equipment From Plastic Design

At Plastic Design, Inc., we understand the critical nature of life science applications and are committed to developing reliable equipment solutions that meet your unique requirements. Our advanced fabrication processes allow us to produce the tools you need while ensuring optimal quality and performance. Contact the experts at Plastic Design, Inc. today to discuss your facility’s needs, or request a quote to get started.