At Plastic Design, Inc., we understand the importance of maintaining a contaminant-free gowning room in all biomedical, pharmaceutical research, and semiconductor clean rooms. To encourage compliance, gowning furniture and equipment should be just as cleanable as it is functional. We offer cleanable garment dispensing centers, custom-fabricated cabinets, carts, and storage cabinets.

Plastic Design, Inc. has the expertise to provide exceptional clean room furniture and equipment solutions quickly, efficiently, and within your budget. Gowning room furniture should incorporate regulatory compliance and safety with convenience and functionality, while also effectively reducing contamination risks.

Clean room garments—such as booties, hoods, and gloves—help to prevent contaminants and static, maintaining your clean room’s sanitary environment. Employing proper gowning procedures begins with providing ample storage space, proper hygienic equipment, and functional cleanable furniture.

Importance of a Clean Room in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Clean rooms are critical to the pharmaceutical industry, providing a space where the temperature, air pressure, humidity, and contaminants like microorganisms and dust can be controlled. The control a clean room environment offers ensures that prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products are manufactured in a healthy and safe environment, reducing the risk of harm to patients.

Proper Clean Room Requirements for Pharmaceuticals & BioMed

In the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries, clean room accessories, equipment, and products are required to meet high-quality standards and stringent industry regulations. Pharmaceutical manufacturers depend on advanced, fully compliant clean rooms to develop and manufacture high-quality drugs critical to patient health and well-being.

Industry Standard Clean Room Classifications for Pharmaceutical

ISO defines a variety of pharmaceutical clean room classifications, specifically ISO Class 5 up to ISO Class 8. The primary concern is contamination from viable particulates. Therefore, clean rooms for pharmaceutical applications usually are made of stick-built or modular components with integral cove corners, cove bases, and coved ceilings to ensure all surfaces can be easily cleaned.

Our Pharmaceutical Clean Room Products

Plastic Design, Inc. offers a variety of pharmaceutical clean room products, accessories, equipment, and storage, including:

  • Bootie Dispensers: A clean, fast, and hands-free dispenser for applying shoe covers for clean room work.
  • Clean Room Bag Dispensers: Clean room bags keep contents free of contaminants. A clean room bag dispenser makes it quick and simple for staff to get sterile bags for clean room use.
  • Shoe Cubbies: Accessible shoe racks designed to keep clean room shoes well-ventilated and safe for workers before and after entering the clean room.
  • Texwipe Dispensers: Sealed sterile or non-sterile wipes are ideal for wiping surfaces and equipment in clean rooms. A dispenser makes it easy for workers to get a package of wipes for quick cleanup.
  • Gowning Dispensing Cabinets: A cabinet designed to hold gowning equipment for worker use in a gowning room. It prevents contamination of gowning equipment before entering the clean room.
  • Transport Carts & Dollies: These cleanable stainless steel carts allow for the transport of materials in a clean room environment.
  • Laundry Bins: Receptacles for storing used clean room garments before disposal.

BioMed & Pharmaceutical Clean Room Products by Plastic Design

Clean room products from Plastic Design, Inc. are invaluable to biomedical and pharmaceutical clean rooms. All of our products meet the strict guidelines and standards of the industry, and we can customize them according to your unique needs.

Storage cabinets can be fabricated in virtually any shape and size, in configurations such as free-standing or wall-mounted, and in either plastic or stainless steel. Options include exhaust and containment, N2 purge, or HEPA filtration for an ultra-clean storage environment. Custom cabinets can be fabricated for everything from drying cabinets for glassware to cabinets for storing tools and fixtures.

Our garment dispensing centers are designed specifically for the needs of biomedical and pharmaceutical research applications. These products are manufactured from materials such as white polypropylene or FM (Factory Mutual) compliant CP7D white polypropylene. They are designed to fit into gowning areas discreetly, with minimal floor space.

These garment dispensing centers take into consideration ease of replenishment, storage, and, in some cases, a discard area. They are specially designed to dispense gloves, bouffants, masks, disposable garments, booties, safety glasses, and other related garment items.

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