Plastic Design Inc. designs and manufactures a full line of customized wet process stations per the current SEMI Standards and are available in fully automated, semi-automated and manual station configurations. Wet stations and fume hoods are available in a wide variety of materials, including FM-approved PVC-C as well as stainless steel and Class 1 Div 1 options.

Options include but are not limited to:

  • Automated: Automated wet processing equipment provides, turnkey PLC Controlled solutions accommodating process baths, rinsers, cleaners, and other process solutions necessary to give your best process control.
  • Plating: PDI has worked with many plating engineers in design and construction of specialized tools for electroless and electrolytic plating applications.
  • Manual: Manual wet processing equipment provides the most economical solutions. All out systems can accommodate baths, rinsers, cleaners, and other modules for your process control.
  • Semi-Automated: Plastic Design Inc. offers a variety of wet process designs – This option allows for better control in your process with your budget in mind.

To learn more about our wet benches for semiconductor equipment, see the table below or feel free to contact us directly.