Chemical handlers play a vital role in critical operations, enacting delicate chemical processes with precision. Plastic Design, Inc. offers innovative solutions and equipment suitable for a range of chemical handling applications.

Chemical Handling

Food, medicine, and many other products we rely on daily use chemicals in their development. To produce these chemicals, facilities rely on state-of-the-art chemical handling equipment to maintain consistent quality and allow for the safe storage, production, and delivery of their products.

Chemical Handling Equipment

Depending on the application, chemical processes might use different types of chemical handling equipment. Below we highlight some top chemical handling products from Plastic Design, Inc. 

Bottle Wash Systems

Companies working with acids and other hazardous chemicals will need to properly clean containers of different sizes before disposing of them.

To allow for the safe and effective cleaning of hazardous chemical containers, Plastic Design, Inc. offers automatic bottle washing systems with built-in cap washers to clean container caps. Our equipment can handle up to 12 one-gallon containers at once. 

Our bottle washing systems feature simple operations using the following steps:

  1. Simply place upside-down containers over the spray heads.
  2. Close the containment cover to begin the cleaning process.
  3. The spray heads will begin cleaning the container’s interior, either for a set period of time or a volume equal to three times the container’s volume.
  4. The system rinses the container’s exterior at the same time for added efficiency.

Transport Carts

Clean rooms need to be able to safely and efficiently facilitate the transport of solvents or acids. We offer reliable transport carts with thoughtful designs for easy handling of chemical substances.

Our chemical delivery systems meet all applicable industry regulations for use in clean rooms and other Class I, Division I areas. Our carts can accommodate one-gallon and five-gallon containers to transport chemicals, as well as bulk packages. Carts for bulk transport also come with built-in pumping systems that can connect with wet stations, ensuring the efficient and safe delivery or removal of solvents and acids. 

Chemical Handling Equipment Applications

Labs across a number of industries use chemical processing equipment, including:

Chemical Handling Equipment from Plastic Design

Whether you need automatic bottle washing or transport carts, you’ll find the right solution here at Plastic Design, Inc. Our experts can help you install the perfect chemical processing equipment for your facility with solutions for labs, clean rooms, and other spaces. Regardless of your needs, we’ll help you meet them with top-quality products and services.

Want to learn more about our various product and service offerings? Contact us today to speak with one of our experts. You can also request a quote to find the right chemical processing equipment for your application.