Plastic Design, Inc. is a leader in the field of plastic fabrication and engineering, and this quality is evident in our line of desiccators and dryboxes. Desiccators and dryboxes are designed to preserve moisture sensitive material in an environment that is free of particulate contaminants and/or humidity. Our storage desiccators and dryboxes are designed using the latest in CAD/CAM machine technology so that they can be readily customized to each customer’s unique requirements.

Construction of a desiccators starts with material selection, which is based on customer requirements. Desiccators and dryboxes can be fabricated from a wide range of materials such as clear acrylic, UV shielding amber acrylic, static dissipative, and fire retardant materials; in addition we can also provide a radiation blocking option. These customizable options are augmented by an impressive list of standard features. Each unit is set up with a Nitrogen/CDA feed point that is directed into a plenum manifold for optimal gas distribution. All cabinets are fitted with an automatic pressure purge for customer and product safety, the doors are sealed to prevent particle infiltration, and all cabinet hardware is stainless steel.

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