Plastic Design offers slope-front fume hoods designed with features that make them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications including biomedical and pharmaceutical research. Plastic Design fume hoods feature a sliding sash on an angled open front. The sash can be supplied counter balanced or manually pinned at different openings. They are designed to never close completely however, fully isolated hoods are available. The angled design allows for improved visibility and access to ambient light. This feature augments the on board lighting systems. The exhaust flows from front to back, which is enhanced with a front mounted spoiler that accelerates the flow at deck level. Plastic Design, Inc.’s fume hood designs have been extensively laboratory tested and accepted for flow uniformity and fume capture efficiency.

Hoods are supplied as table top or as standard units with fully exhausted base cabinets. These innovative design features allow for maximum flexibility. In addition they can be fabricated from a number of materials. This includes FM (Factory Mutual) compliant plastics or stainless steel. Installation of surface mounted or built-in components are standard and can be customized to meet specific requirements. This includes explosion proof Class I Div. I requirements.

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