For well over 3 decades, we have maintained a proud tradition of providing high quality manufactured plastic parts here at Plastic Design Inc.

Our state-of-the-art Anderson Exact CNC machining centers mill, drill, and bore plastic parts in many forms, including sheets, rods, and miscellaneous shapes. The list of types of plastic materials we machine is vast, and includes acetal, Delrin, acrylic, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyesters, PTFE (FEP, PFA, TFE), Flamtec fire safe plastics, and many types of polyethylene. Our advanced machinery can cut a variety of sizes ranging from lengths up to 12′ and widths up to 5′. We established quality control procedures consistent with ISO procedures. We create one-off prototypes to full production runs, with typical lead times depending on material availability. Our CNC plastic machined parts are used for many applications by various industries, including biomedical and pharmaceutical products, clean room equipment, storage equipment, wet process semiconductor equipment, and recreational marine products.

Machine Shop Equipment:

(1) Herco Hawk 30

(1) Tree Journeyman 325, CNC Mill

(2) Bridgeport Mills

(1) Enco Mill

(1) Romi M17 Lathe

(1) LeBLOND 24” lathe

(1) Goodway Lathe

To learn more about the CNC plastic machined parts, please see the following table, or feel free to contact us directly.