• Wet Process Benches for Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Wet Process Bench with Rotary Motion
  • Solvent Stainless Enclosure with Fire Suppression and Safety Glass
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Plastic Design Inc. provides a vast selection of stainless steel and plastic products for biomedical and pharmaceutical research applications. Part of this offering are custom dip tanks fabricated from stainless steel or plastic.

Dip tanks can be fabricated to any size requirement with features such as drains, overflows, up flow rinsers, or cascade rinsers. Plastic Design, Inc. also manufactures a wide variety of custom designed process tanks. Designed for industrial use, they can be configured as holding tanks, day tanks, batch mixing tanks, double containment and plating tanks. Available in plastic and stainless steel, these tanks can be fitted with options such as closed loop filtration and temperature control.

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