Custom Plastic Fabrication for Life Sciences Applications

Plastic Design, Inc. provides custom plastic fabrication for a wide variety of bioscience industries, including those that require animal housing and habitats in the life sciences sector. Animal research facilities must meet stringent guidelines for the proper husbandry, housing, and humane care of laboratory animals. One of the key factors to reducing stress in captive animals is to provide them with adequate space to flourish and grow.

Aside from providing ample space, a number of criteria must be taken into consideration when designing adequate housing for lab animals, according to the National Center for Biotechnology’s (NCIB) Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, including:


  • Temperature and humidity
  • Ventilation and air quality
  • Proper illumination
  • Noise and vibration

Design Considerations

At Plastic Design, Inc. our custom animal housings are fabricated to meet the demands of broad range of testing conditions. Our animal housings are fully customizable, allowing them to meet the needs of virtually any testing environment without sacrificing the health or happiness of the test subject. 

Custom animal habitats by Plastic Design, Inc. can digitally track conditions for remote access, enabling researchers to monitor testing conditions even when they are not on site. Factors that can be monitored include: 

  • Air filtration rates
  • Light level monitoring
  • Humidity 
  • Temperature

All data can be documented using a chart recorder or sent directly to a computer for digital storage, so your staff can maintain appropriate, consistent conditions necessary for happy, healthy test animals.

Why Plastic Design

With more than 40 years of custom plastic fabrication experience, the engineers at Plastic Design will provide the highest level of quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness for your laboratory animal equipment and housing needs. Our 30,000-square-foot fabrication facility is ISO9001:2015 certified to ensure your quality standards are met in the most efficient manner possible.

By employing the highest caliber staff, equipment, and processes, Plastic Design Inc. is a trusted partner for all your custom plastic fabrication needs in biomedical and laboratory research facilities.

Contact Plastic Design Inc. to set up an appointment to discuss the requirements at your facility and start your custom quote for animal housing and habitats today.

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