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 Plastic Design has fabricated custom fume hoods for more than 40 years. We specialize in building custom fume hoods for biomedical, clean room, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor applications. Designed with all necessary standards in mind, our fume hoods undergo extensive safety and quality assurance testing to ensure that they can effectively protect workers exposed to hazardous materials without undermining their performance.


Fume hoods are ventilation devices or exhaust systems designed to restrict the amount of harmful or poisonous fumes that enter an enclosed area. They are installed to protect workers against toxic fumes, fires, and explosions, as well as chemical burns; they can also contain chemical spills. Fume hoods are particularly useful in laboratories, where researchers regularly work with hazardous substances in small confined spaces.

Fume hoods are designed to draw polluted air away from the work space and into an exhaust system. The air is then expelled through the exhaust system into a separate space away from employees. 

Most fume hoods are made with ducts that convey polluted air into the atmosphere. Other fume hoods are constructed with recirculating fans, which absorb air through the hood and pass it through a filter before returning it to the workspace. While ductless fume hoods can be used in some less intensive tasks, ducted fume hoods are the standard in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.

About Plastic Design’s Fume Hoods 

At Plastic Design, we specialize in providing fume hoods for the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries, where workers are often exposed to dangerous chemicals and substances. Two of our most popular designs include the sliding sash and angled open front styles. The sliding sash can be supplied counter balanced or manually pinned at different openings, while the angled design allows for improved visibility and more ambient light. 

All of our fume hoods have undergone extensive laboratory testing to ensure that they meet the highest safety and quality standards. We offer several different types of hoods to meet our customers’ unique applications and specifications, including sliding sash, angled open front, fully isolated, table top, stand-alone, fully exhausted base cabinets, bench-top, and vertical laminar flow. 

Because of our diverse inventory, we have a number of customization options available to create your unique hood. One of our most popular customizations is the addition of built-in components to meet explosion-proof Class I Division I requirements.

Because our hoods can be fabricated from a number of different materials, we have the ability to adapt them to any environment or application. Some of the requested adaptations require FM4910 compliance, the most commonly used materials for these adaptations are Factory Mutual-compliant plastics and stainless steel.  

Since 1976, Plastic Design has provided customized solutions for companies in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. Over the years, we’ve used our experience and expertise to develop lasting solutions to the challenges posed by modern pharmaceutical and biomedical research, helping our clients pursue groundbreaking projects while ensuring the health of the employees who handle them. 

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