Custom Clean Room Gowning Furniture & Equipment

At Plastic Design, Inc., we understand the importance of maintaining a contaminant-free gowning room in all static-sensitive or biomedical and/or pharmaceutical research environments. To encourage compliance, gowning furniture and equipment should be just as convenient as it is functional. From garment dispensing centers to custom fabricated cabinets, carts, and cupboards, Plastic Design Inc. has the expertise to provide exceptional clean room gowning furniture and equipment solutions quickly, efficiently, and within your budget.

Gowning room furniture should incorporate regulatory compliance and safety with convenience and functionality, while also effectively reducing contamination risks. Clean room garments – such as booties, hoods, and gloves – help to prevent contaminants and static, maintaining your clean room’s sanitary environment. Employing proper gowning procedures begins with providing ample storage space, proper hygienic equipment, and functional furniture.

Available Products from Plastic Design, Inc.

Depending on your project’s needs, Plastic Design, Inc. uses white polypropylene or Factory Mutual (FM4910) compliant PVC/C  white polypropylene for custom fabrication of almost any clean room design. Additionally, Plastic Design, Inc., offers a broad range of furniture and garment dispensing centers to simplify your clean room gowning processes, including:

  • Bootie dispensers
  • Bag dispensers
  • Shoe cubbies
  • Texwipe dispensers
  • Gowning dispensing cabinets
  • Transport carts and dollies
  • Laundry bins

We fabricate our products from a wide range of polymers, plastics, and other materials. Our gowning furniture can be customized based on design needs, using materials such as:

  • Clear  Acrylic
  • Flamtec FM4910 compliant plastics
  • Lexan (Polycarbonate)
  • HDPE
  • White Polypropylene
  • PVC & PVC/C
  • PVDF (Kynar-Kytec)
  • UV Stabilized Acrylic & Polycarbonate

Our equipment can also be made to include special properties for clean rooms that require fire retardant or static dissipative equipment.

Why You Should Choose Plastic Design, Inc.

Regardless of your requirements, Plastic Design, Inc.has the experience, equipment, and expertise to help you build the perfect clean room gowning setup to suit your unique specifications. Our skilled designers specialize in turning your ideas into reality, maximizing your floor space, and creating the most functionality for your gowning room. Using automated fabrication equipment and CAD processes, our highly trained staff can help you produce everything from one-off prototypes to full production runs. 

Our 30,000-square-foot facility is ISO9001:2015 certified, guaranteeing the highest quality assurance practices for your plastic fabrication project. Furthermore, Plastic Design, Inc. engineers are experienced in meeting specific industry standards such as FM, Semi, NFPA, OSHA and others.  

With more than four decades in the business, Plastic Design, Inc. is your trusted partner in custom plastics fabrication. From the simplest needs to the most complex custom requirements, our expert staff are ready to address your clean room gowning furniture needs effectively and efficiently—and at a price that will exceed your expectations, not your budget.

Contact us today to ask how we can provide custom plastic fabricated furniture, storage, and equipment for your clean room gowning room.

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