At Plastic Design, Inc., we understand the importance of maintaining a contaminant-free gowning room in all biomedical, pharmaceutical research and semiconductor clean rooms. To encourage compliance, gowning furniture and equipment should be just as cleanable as it is functional. We offer cleanable garment dispensing centers, custom fabricated cabinets, carts, and storage cabinets. Plastic Design Inc. has the expertise to provide exceptional clean room furniture and equipment solutions quickly, efficiently, and within your budget. Gowning room furniture should incorporate regulatory compliance and safety with convenience and functionality, while also effectively reducing contamination risks. Clean room garments – such as booties, hoods, and gloves – help to prevent contaminants and static, maintaining your clean room’s sanitary environment. Employing proper gowning procedures begins with providing ample storage space, proper hygienic equipment, and functional cleanable furniture.

Available Products Include:


  • Bootie dispensers
  • Bag dispensers
  • Shoe cubbies
  • Texwipe dispensers
  • Gowning dispensing cabinets
  • Transport carts and dollies
  • Laundry bins

Contact us today to ask how we can provide custom plastic fabricated furniture, storage, and equipment for your clean room gowning room.